Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Therapy

Things have been a little "off"in my life lately. I think my lack of blogging has been a pretty good indication that I just don't have a good grip on anything right now. Another post, another day, but I needed to get that down so I would remember one day when I look back on this season and see only four posts in September of 2011. 

Yesterday was a beautiful FALL day!!! I knew I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine with my kiddos. Missouri has this nasty way about going straight from H.O.T. to freezing cold and I don't want to miss the few cool-ish days in between.

I called up Kelly and we decided to meet at a park close to her house (and my old one....I still miss it) and let the kids play and have a picnic lunch. The park is seriously beautiful with big old trees and lots of shade and grassy space for the kids to run around like hooligans in.

Easton was SO happy to be out in the fresh air and I thought this picture was ADORABLE until I noticed the spit up (yuck!!!) on his sleeve. I guess that is real life though. :) A couple of things to note...those cheeks! That tummy! That sweet hair that is really starting to come in! Those eyes! That smile! Those. Eyes.

I'm not sure if Lauren was happy to be there. What do you think? A few things to note about this picture: that kick! That long beautiful hair! That smile! Those eyes!

Kelly's little man, Ryan showed Lauren how to be brave and climb the BIG slide all alone! Isn't he adorable?

I like this picture for a lot of reasons, but the main one is because of those pants on Easton. Ha! They are so super cute in real life, but this picture makes them look like old man pants.

Easton really enjoyed his first slide ride. Right after this picture was taken I just let him go down on his own. Just kidding. But that would have been crazy. Maybe in a couple more months.

Our Baby K'Tan was perfect for our park date. 

What a cute little couple!

Yesterday was such a refreshing day for me as a mama. It's been a rough patch here lately and just being out in the sunshine with my two loves (and a super good friend) helped me gain a little more perspective on my life right now.

SO thankful for my friend, Kelly! I love doing life with her. :)

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