Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Man

I've always known Shawn was a great guy. But, watching him with our daughter has given me an even greater admiration for him. He truly is a family man and in these weeks before Easton is born, I have been even more thankful for the things he does so willingly. He never complains. He always makes our daughter feel like she is important to him.

We spent Friday evening as a family playing play-doh at the kitchen table. As I sat there watching my man make my daughter's day it was almost too much to take. I love their relationship. I love that he makes her laugh. I love that she loves him so dearly. I love that on a Friday night he is perfectly content to play and make memories with his little family.

Saturday, while I was being kidnapped, Shawn took Lauren to the park. By himself. His idea. That is just precious to me. He texted me these pictures and made my day. They played at the park for almost two hours and she had the most fun.

I am so thankful that he is committed. To me. To our growing family. To the role God has given him as head of our family. My children and I are truly blessed.


  1. I love the faces Lauren makes! She's too cute!

  2. What a sweet man! Also, your cute baby is blossoming into a very pretty little girl:)