Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Baby Question #4

So, my awesome friend Mandie sent me an email today with a few of her favorite "baby" things in it. She wanted to pass them along in case I hadn't used them or heard of them (I hadn't!!!) and now I am super curious what YOUR most loved baby item was. What is something you just can't/couldn't live without?

One thing I loved with Lauren was the Moby Wrap my friend, Cami, so very graciously let me borrow!!! I am thinking I am going to need to just invest on one of them...especially since I will need my hands a lot more this time around!

One thing I haven't used but am so wanting is the Itzbeen. I remember having such a blurry brain and trying to record the last time Lauren ate or pooped or slept and I had crazy notebooks everywhere and a rubber band on my wrist (for nursing) so I am thinking it might be a good little investment?!?! Anyone used one?

Okay so your turn!!! Let me know your must-have's!!!!!! And, thanks Mandie for getting my brain rolling!!!

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  1. I have a white Moby Wrap which hides spit-up a little better. Granted I still have to wash it b/c of the smell but at least if I'm at the store or something, there's not cottage cheese looking gunk on it:)

    Also, I bought this for the paci: (but mine is brown w/ white dots) and I LOVE it!