Friday, February 04, 2011

Baby Question #3

I am trying to get prepared for baby Easton's arrival and in the midst of the diaper stockpiling and organizing one thing keeps running through my mind...Lauren. How in the world is she going to adjust? Will she feel left out or abandoned?

I'm wondering what special things you did with your first born (or older siblings) to make the arrival of a new little love easier? I have a few ideas, but I would LOVE your input!!!

1. Have a present from Easton for Lauren at the hospital when she visits.
2. Have a big sister party not long after Easton is born.
3. Have a Big Sister bag filled with all sorts of fun things she can do when it is crazy at home those first couple of days. My friend, Mandie, filled a box full of awesome things for Lauren to do while I nurse Easton so I am kind of running with that concept here knowing that those first days might be really crazy even when I have help around!
4. Let Lauren take pictures of Easton with her camera and take her to get the pictures developed. Help her put them into her own scrapbook.
5. One mommy date and one daddy date for Lauren within the first month.

Any other ideas? I would SO love to hear them!!!!!


  1. This isn't necessarily an idea of an activity, but a friend gave me some valuable advice shortly after Silas was born. Her advice was to not make Isaac always feel like the "bad guy" or that Silas was more special. Practically it meant when Silas was playing with baby toys and Isaac wanted to as well, I didn't say, "That's Silas' toy." As long as he hadn't taken it from him, it was okay and vice versa it made it easier when Silas grabbed one of Isaac's toys to teach him about sharing. Also, when Isaac needed something I was bad about saying, "Hang on, I'm feeding Silas, changing his diaper, etc, etc." But I didn't do it in the opposite situation. If I was doing something for Isaac and Silas was crying I started saying, "Hang on Silas, I'm wiping Isaac off or I'm putting on his shoes, etc. etc." I was amazed by how special this made Isaac feel. He smiles when he realizes he's the center of attention for the moment and his need is first occasionally. I don't know if that made sense, but it helped me a lot and I feel like it has helped ward off some resentment toward his baby brother who demands a lot of attention.

  2. When my mom had my little brother, she gave me a doll that looked like a real newborn baby. I brought it home from the hospital just like she did my brother. And whenever she took care of my brother, she made sure I had my doll and I did the same things with my doll. I named her Baby Jane and I still have her. :)

  3. Your ideas are SO SO SO sweet!! I might be coming to you for ideas soon :-)