Monday, February 07, 2011

Be My Valentine Play Date

Today I hosted a Valentine Play Date for our sweet friends and we had such a good time!

I made a really simple lunch and used plenty of heart shaped cookie cutters to make the food a little more fun! The kids loved their heart shaped cheese, heart jello jigglers, heart sandwiches, and more!

Lauren and her friend, Kendall. These two were the only girls there and they sure do have their pick of handsome and good little boys in the far, far future. 

I made little picture frames for all the mommies and I tried to get a picture of everyone with their kiddos. I totally forgot to get a picture of all the kids. That would have been a hoot!

Leslie and Preston

Dylan, Mandie, and Kyler

Zane, Jaxon, Tiffany, and Brandt

Silas, Desire', and Isaac

Ryan and Kelly

Carissa and Kendall

 Me (my chubby face) and Lauren

After the kids had their fill of food and play I got out the supplies for them to make their Valentine's bags. I went with something really simple and it seemed to be perfect for this age group! Their little creations were just precious!!!

It looks a little crazy, and it was a little crazy, but it was crazy fun!

It was so funny to watch where the kids put their googly eyes. :)

Kyler was super creative and made his into a puppet!!!

We played a few rounds of  The Hokey Pokey, Ring Around the Rosey, and I'm a Little Teapot and then we got geared up for handing out our Valentines!!!

I think my favorite part was watching all the kids run around and give each other their Valentines. I could hear the sweetest, "here you go's" and "thank-you's" and it just melted my heart!

 Last but not least we busted out the balloons. Mandie usually has balloons at the end of her play dates and the kids just go crazy over them so I stole her idea! It is a great way to get the toys all picked up really quickly and for them to get rid of a little more energy before play date is over. I found the blow-up heart balloons at Hobby Lobby! They were perfect for our little party.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with these sweet friends and I am just so thankful for the wonderful and godly women God has placed in my life in this season of motherhood!

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! I think crazy fun is some of the best fun!! Great job!