Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

Yesterday I celebrated Valentine's Day with my sweet little family. I am not the kind of girl who has to have flowers or go out on a romantic date on Valentine's Day with only my husband so it was great to hang out with the ones I love.

When I woke up, Shawn had a little surprise waiting in the kitchen for me! He gave me the sweetest and so him card and a box of decaf K-Cups for the Keurig!!! I popped one of those in right away and enjoyed a really yummy coffee first thing! Lauren also had a sweet card waiting for her in her mailbox from her daddy. I am going to put it in the journal I keep for her so she can always have her daddy's words to her. Loved it!

Lauren and I spent the morning in our pj's and just hung out. It was really nice! I decided that I would attempt to make Shawn a coconut cream pie (his favorite) so I called my Meme and asked for her recipe. I absolutely cannot stand coconut so you can tell this was definitely a labor of love!

My first attempt at the pie crust was way too crumbly. I don't think I added enough water. So, I made a new batch. Then, when I baked it, I left it in too long so it became burnt and crumbly. Ahhh! (It will be perfect for pie crust and strawberries later though!!!)

I decided I would try one more time. This one didn't look too beautiful (and don't even look at those edges, how in the world do people get them to looks so pretty?!?!) but it stayed together and wasn't burnt so I went with it.

I made the pie filling which wasn't too hard. It thickened up just like it was supposed to and went perfectly into the pie.

The meringue was a crazy experience. I've never beaten egg whites until they turn into the frothy mixture, but it was really neat! I sprinkled coconut over the top before I put it back in the oven.

Finished product!!! I can't tell you if it was good because I never tasted one ounce of it, but Shawn said it was amazing so that was all that mattered!!!

Shawn came home for lunch so he opened his little gifts from us girls. Lauren wrote him a card and made him a painted heart.

Lauren was so cute listening to Shawn read the words she had me write. 

Lauren got to open her Valentine surprise from Shawn and me. She got a new Dora book, some sidewalk chalk (because I am hoping it will be nice enough this week to get.out.of.this.house!), Tinkerbell the movie, and some candy. She was really excited about everything!

I had a doctor appointment at 3pm and Shawn watched Lauren while I was gone. When I got back he surprised me with the most beautiful red roses. I really wasn't expecting flowers at all because, like I said, I don't have to have them, but it was such a wonderful surprise! They make my kitchen table look so pretty too!!! It's amazing how much some pretty flowers will brighten the mood of a house. ;)

He surprised us again and we loaded up the car to head to a little restaurant he goes to sometimes while working away from the office. It took about 45 minutes to get there, but we had the best time just talking and catching up. Lauren did great on the trip thanks to our portable dvd player. :)

The restaurant was a little barbecue place and we had some really delicious barbecue nachos. They were really really good!!! I wish I had gotten a picture of the HUGE plate, but I was so hungry I dove right in.

Lauren's first Valentine...her awesome daddy. :)

 Shawn and Lauren surprised me with a gift card for a pedicure!!! I am sooooo excited. I cannot wait to use it. :) 

Then, we headed to Branson to go shopping for a little bit. We got a few really good deals and then headed to the surprise store for Lauren, the Disney Store!!!!

There were hardly any people at the mall so it was the perfect chance to let Lauren just run around the store to her heart's delight. I loved capturing her childhood joy and watching her enjoy herself so much. It was perfect!!!

This wall of stuffed animals was almost too much for her. She ran around and around it picking out new animals to love on for a minute. This is the best picture I could get of her!!! 

She is in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she found Clarabell the Cow!!! Shawn and I were both super excited because Clarabell was only $3.99!!! 

Love this picture of Lauren headed out the door with her Clarabell. She looks so big to me. And, this picture shows how long her sweet hair is. Love it!!!

What a special little night for our family. I am so thankful for my husband and my daughter. As we were sitting down to dinner I realized that next year on Valentine's Day we will be a little family of four. Crazy!


  1. Awesome looking pie! I am truly impressed. :-) Also love the pictures of you all on your "date" last night.

  2. I bet Shawn felt loved! I can't believe you redid the crust that many times! TRUE LOVE, I tell ya! Matt keeps telling me about barbecue nachos and how he's going to take me there someday. Glad you all had such a fun day!