Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sick Bug

Lauren caught the sick bug last Friday and I just feel so sorry for her. Thankfully it isn't the tummy bug that is going around and just a tough cold to shake. I don't think I've ever seen so much snot in my life, and from such a tiny girl! We've had lots of cuddle time and I just keep praying that Shawn and I will somehow escape the nastiness!

On Saturday morning, Lauren woke up feeling pretty icky. She loves to have her back tickled, so I held her for a long time and just let her snuggle close.

Shawn and I wrapped a bunch of presents so we had our card table set out as a work space. Once the presents were wrapped I draped a quilt over it and set up pillows and books inside. Lauren loved her first tent!!!

This morning I thought we might have success with some of the Christmas games I had planned even though she was a snotty mess. I literally wiped her nose every three minutes. Lauren was really into the tree matching game. It was so much fun to see her mind work to figure out where the small trees matched the larger ones. 

I love this picture because she is saying, "Game, mama." She loved that we were playing a game!

After taking a bath in a steam filled room, she was ready to relax and watch Mickey Mouse. She wasn't feeling very good at all and I snapped these pictures of my usually active little girl as she was taking a little rest. 

She napped for a little while and woke up in a coughing fit. All she wanted me to do was hold her. I felt so bad for her and she looks so miserable in these pictures.

I've called the doctor twice and they keep telling me to let it run its course. I wish there was something more I could do for her. I absolutely hate seeing her so wiped out. 

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