Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Should Win an Award

This week has been a little rough around our house. Lauren's been sick with the cold that never ends and Shawn and I have done our best to keep her comfortable. We've used the humidifier, steamed up and even flooded (okay, that was me) the bathroom to help clear her nose, used baby Vicks, and given her Motrin because I know with that cough her throat has to hurt. Anyway, we've done everything except take her in to the doctor. But, don't think I didn't call. Three times to be exact. Each time they advised me to keep her home and keep doing the things I'd been doing. 

In the meantime, Lauren got crankier. She got fussier. She got down-right hard to deal with. I just knew we were entering those dreaded terrible two's and my life with my sweet little girl was over. Thursday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that started with me frustrated at my temper tantrum throwing toddler and ended with me bawling my eyes out to my unsuspecting husband (who had to work late) and cleaning our house in a frenzy because nothing else was going right That night I read from a parenting book and vowed that the next day would be better. I would be more consistent. I would not back down. I would not cry. I would remember to pray and call on God for help. 

Friday was better. Lauren was back to her normal sweetness and we had a really good day, even getting out of the house for a bit. We hadn't been out of the house together in a week. I think it was time! It really did us both a lot of good. We had planned to have our annual Christmas get-together with our friends Tanner and Kelly that night so we decided we'd brave it and get out with Lauren. When we got there she was super cranky again. She also said that her ears were owie. So, we gave her some Motrin and I made a mental note to get her into the doctor as early as possible Saturday morning. 

This morning we made a beeline to her doctor and guess what the verdict is?! Our girl has a double ear infection. No wonder she has been so cranky and hard to deal with! I can't believe that it didn't even cross my mind that she might have an ear infection. Obviously there should be some kind of an award for that. 
Would you think she was dealing with a double ear infection? 
My little cutie waiting for the doctor to check out her ears.

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  1. So sorry she had an ear infection, but so glad she can finally get better! Just in time for Christmas, too!