Thursday, January 08, 2009

money, money, money, muuuuuney

Many of you know this about me, but some may not. I have found a new love for couponing and living frugally. Now - that does not mean that I do not enjoy myself some pretty new shoes or fancy doodag every now and again...but I guess it just means that I try to be more aware of what I buy and how much I spend on it. I still struggle with making the choice between the NEEDS in my life and the WANTS. Do I really NEED those boots? I mean really, what about the other 3 pair in my closet that wait every morning to be picked? Do I really NEED that new scented candle or will my other one do until it burns out? It is a struggle every time I enter a store, but I am working on it! The pain of not owning something when I walk out of a store subsides over time.

Before I met Shawn I had some serious money management issues. If I had $25 left in my bank account I never sweated it. I might even go to Wal*Mart for that "thing" I HAD to have and end up with $10 in my account. The concept of saving wasn't necessarily foreign to me (I had good parents growing up) it just wasn't appealing. You know that rush you get when you buy something? Well let's just say I had a mini addiction to it. Thank God I do not have to re-live that first year of marriage (I love you honey) because it was, well... a little not so fun. You see, Shawn wanted me to think about what I spent before I spent it. Can you imagine the nerve of that guy!? Let's just say there were many moments of theatrical greatness as I tried and cried to get my way. I just knew I was the most mistreated wife in the world. Thankfully, he kept me around and has had the great patience to help teach me about money over the years.

Obviously, now that I stay home I don't really have the choice of spending when I feel like it. Well, I guess I still could, but I am pretty sure that would be a rough road to go down and I'd rather not be the reason our family is in over our heads. And this is where it can get tricky and satan has a finger grip on me. See, I don't bring home any money....and satan wants me to feel like I don't contribute to the family, that I am a loser, and that I am of no value. I work every day to fight these degrading thoughts and if I am being honest, some days I win and some days I fall into that pit. I am praying that God will show me some verses in His Word for the upcoming scripture memorization so that I can fight satan's lies with God's truth.

So, here is my goal this week as far as living frugally and using coupons. I am going to attempt to spend $60 on a full week's worth of groceries - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you see me at Wal*Mart with my coupons, my calculator, and a focused'll know I haven't lost my mind! Organizing Junkie does a Menu Plan Monday every week and although this isn't Monday (I hope that is okay!) I am going to post the plan I have for next week. Then, I am going to go to the grocery store - or Wal*Mart -or wherever has the best deals and attempt to get everything I need for $60 or under. I am hoping for under. Wish me luck!!

Breakfasts (in no particular order)
banana & frozen fruit smootie, toast
granola & yogurt (ick, I hate this stuff, but it is good for is good for is good for me)
scrambled eggs and cheese
apple muffins, fruit
cereal, toast x2
pancakes, juice (I may even throw in some chocolate chips, yummy-I am salivating)

salad, grilled chicked strips
PB&J, carrots
leftovers x2
baked potato, broccoli
lunchmeat sandwich, oranges
cheese quesadillas, fruit

taco Soup (crockpot)
roast w/potatos and carrots (crockpot)
steak, mashed potatos, asparagus
ham (crockpot) homeade bread, salad,
BBQ chicken pizza
beef enchiladas, salad
Dinner Out (Oh, I hope!!!) or leftovers :(


  1. You can do it!! Since medical school began and we have felt the crunch of the overwhelming amount of money it costs in tuition, we have SERIOUSLY budgeted too! Before we got married, we even saw a financial advisor to get some good financial advice before the big endeavor. He had a great idea that we enjoy. He recommended getting envelopes, labeling them with things like "groceries", "clothes", "pet", "household items", etc. In those envelopes we would put a certain amount of money at the beginning of the month (that's all the money we could spend that month). I would take the envelope I needed to the store and pay only with cash! When we saw the money dwindle away by week 2, we learned better ways to save and spend on needs, not wants. It worked well!! Paying with cash rather than credit makes us more aware of what we spend anyway!! Good luck!! You can do it!

  2. Thanks, Gina! We follow Dave Ramsey and he suggests that, but I've never actually done the envelopes thing. Maybe I should do that with this shopping trip so I make sure there is no way I can go over $60! I miss you girl!