Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It's a good thing I can laugh at myself! Yesterday I posted about how we are finally getting back on a schedule and how it was working so well. Why Oh Why did I post that?!?! It seems like we have had the MOST off schedule day ever around here today. Little Miss Lauren decided today was the day to cut one of her bottom teeth. She has been very irritable and fussy all morning. She didn't eat well, had about a 30 minute nap, and refused to go back to sleep. Of course she acts fine when I am holding her or when I am within two feet of her, but the moment I put her down or walk away she throws the biggest fit! She is finally resting now...poor thing. I've got to go get things done, but I thought I would share how my day has gone so far!

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  1. Ha! I have learned to never post how smooth I think things are going. Usually before I can press 'publish post' I am eating my words.

    I love your blog. Oh my word, that picture to the right is precious!!!