Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bath & Body Works DEAL!!!

My friend Megan sent me an awesome coupon you can print off here from Bath & Body Works. Buy anything in the store and get any signature collection product valued up to $12 FREE!!! Apparently Bath & Body Works is changing the packaging on all of their signature products and are trying to get rid of the old. Yea for us couponers!!!

Here is what I did with 3 coupons:

Bought 1 purse size lotion @ $1.00, got full size body cream (regularly priced $10.50) FREE! Total Out of Pocket: $1.07
Bought 1 purse size body spritz @ $1.oo, got a second full size body cream FREE! Total OOP: $1.07
Bought 1 purse size body wash @ $1.00, got a third full size body cream FREE! Total OOP: $1.07

Total Spent without Coupons would have been: $34.50 + tax
Total Spent with Coupons: $3.21

I had to do 3 different transactions, one for each coupon, but it was so worth it! I just told the cashier that I had the coupon and that I wanted to buy the $1 item and get the other free. She looked at the coupon and rang me up. Nowhere on the coupon does it say anything about the item being of equal or lesser value so there are some great deals to be made!

I am going to post pictures after Shawn gets home with my camera. He took it to work on Monday and I haven't seen it since. I keep asking politely, but he never remembers. Maybe I will send him a scary email and he will remember to grab it! :)

If anyone does this deal, let me know how you did. You can print the coupon as many times as you want, you just have to do different transactions!

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