Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Well I said I would post to let you know how I did on the grocery front this week. My goal was to spend $60 maximum on all of our groceries for the week. I even included household items that we were running out of, i.e. trash bags. I had big plans of going to Dillions as they were having some great deals and to Aldi for my fruits, veggies, and milk (as they are almost ALWAYS cheaper there) but that didn't work out. I found myself in Wal*Mart with a limited amount of time to myself (Shawn had Lauren and she was getting close to needing to eat) with a $1 calculator I had to pop out of the box to use and a grocery list that Shawn had to read to me over the phone. For any of you who were wondering, I did pay for the calculator which unfortunately ate into my $60. I really think I would have made it out of there for under $60, but Shawn called while I was shopping to make sure I was picking him up some PopTarts and then I had to have my very own box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough PopTarts (yummmm) along with his icky brown sugar ones. Also, I was shopping hungry...I know...I know the golden rule of grocery shopping is to shop on a full stomach. Let's just say that due to my fragile state some pudding snacks and string cheese ended up in my cart. I had planned on posting a picture of the receipt for authenticity, but the total spent was very hard to read. Hopefully, you will trust me when I say that $64.06 was my total spent. Oh yeah, I also used one $1 off coupon. There you have it. Hopefully next week I will get to shop around for the best deals. We shall see.

P.S. For those of you who are participating with me in the Beth Moore challenge to memorize 24 scriptures in 12 months, this Thursday is our 2nd scripture. I have been so excited about this challenge and I have been praying that God puts on my heart scripture that I NEED. I've been struggling lately with the reality that God loves me, that he cares about me, that he knows me in the midst of this great big crazy world, and so I am looking for scripture that I can speak over myself to give me ownership of His love. Does that make sense? Anyway, more on that Thursday! Let's keep this up, ladies! Satan wants to give us every excuse not to do this thing. All the more reason TO do it!

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