Tuesday, March 08, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a sermon on being thankful. The pastor's words have really stuck with me and it seems like I've been in more situations lately where I've been on the receiving end of grace and sweet deeds than I have in my whole life. I've been so thankful it has been painful. Honestly, I've been so thankful that I've been overwhelmed at the love shown to me. I've struggled with the lies the enemy has told me that I am not worth the love shown or that I will never be able to express how grateful I am. I've prayed over and over that God would show the people in my life how thankful I am even when my words seem to fall short.

The pastor said something that I totally agree with that was something along the lines of:

"Gratitude left unexpressed is perceived as ingratitude."

Whether that is the case or not, the perception is the person is just simply not thankful.

Just this morning I got the last of a huge pile of thank-you notes sent out. Well, I say the last, but I am sure there are even more that I am forgetting. :( I am praying that although many of these are late and the words written in them will most likely fall short of the deep thankfulness I feel in my heart that God will use them to bless the givers. I pray that even though they are late, no one will take that for ingratitude. I do not take the friends and family I have for granted. I do not take the prayers they have prayed for granted. I do not take the selfless acts they have done for granted. I do not take it lightly that they would prepare a meal for my family or send me a sweet note. I do not expect the sweet gifts given. And yet, I am human, and faulty. Praying that each and every person in my life knows how truly thankful I am.

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