Thursday, February 05, 2009

lauren update

Well, we went to the doctor yesterday and had some tests run on Lauren. She is fighting a high fever with no other symptoms so the doctor wanted to check for a urinary infection. I was so worried they were going to use a catheter on her but the nurse said if I could feed her (thank goodness I nurse, b/c I had no bottle) that they would try this baggie thing to catch her urine before doing the catheter. It worked! After feeding her and holding her upright so if she peed it wouldn't run everywhere, they got a sample. The doctor thoroughly checked Lauren while the labs were being run and found nothing wrong with her. She has no congestion, her ears and throat looked great, and she had no drainage. She was even smiling and playing on the doctor bed with a 101.5 temperature. The labs came back and there was only one level that looked a little off. Our doctor didn't want to do the intense antibiotics to fight a urinary infection if that wasn't what she had, so she said for now they are just going to call it a virus. Nice. That left me with nothing.Last night she still had a temperature and this morning it was 102. I've been doing tylenol and trying to keep her cool but she just won't break the fever. I have a call in to the nurse this morning to see what I need to be doing.

She has been such a good sick little girl. She hasn't been too fussy. Mainly she just wants to be loved on. That is just fine with me. I'll hold her all day long if that is what she needs. Thanks for your prayers for Lauren. I feel guilty asking for prayer for her when there are so many babies out there who are critically ill but I am so very thankful.

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