Monday, February 09, 2009


We finally have a diagnosis for Lauren. After three visits to the doctor with a very sick little girl, the tests came back positive for a urinary tract infection. Our doctor called us at home yesterday to let us know that her urine had grown bacteria and it was a significant enough growth that she was positive that is what has been bothering our little girl. I can't tell you how relieved I was. Of course, I wish she wasn't sick at all, but knowing that there was a reason for those extremely high temperatures was a great feeling.

The doctor has her on an oral antibiotic and also a probiotic. Megan told me about the best probiotics out there, Primal Defense by Garden of Life, and so we got them at Akin's. We plan on continuing the probiotics after she finishes the antibiotics. They have a lot of great health benefits and hopefully they will keep her more healthy. I can already tell a big difference since she has been on the medicine; her temperature has gone down drastically and she seems less cranky.

Thanks for all the prayers and concerns for our little girl. We appreciate it so much!

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