Thursday, February 05, 2009

it's bunko time, ladies

Tuesday night I had the best time with friends playing Bunko. If you haven't played before there isn't much skill involved. I think that is why I like it so much! You don't have to be good to win.

This is GayeAnn with "the ghost" whom she affectionately named Chris. They had some fun times that night!

Sheila and me at our table. We were on a winning streak and had to pause for a picture. I think we might have missed a round of play trying to get a good one. Ha, we are so weird!

Tammy and Kelly. Tammy has been playing for years but Kelly just started. We are so glad to have her! She is such a sweetie...even if we have to watch her constantly so she won't cheat! Love ya, Kelly!

Bunko was at Fran's house this month. She is on the left next to Kama. Fran made the best chocolate gooey cake thing. Yum!

Look at those ladies! Aren't they the cutest? That is Leslie and Autumn. Love the pose Leslie!

This is my Big Bunko! You can't really see it but there are 2 frogs and a 6! Oh yeah, I know how to roll 'em! A Big Bunko is any combination of 6's and frogs. It is a strange game.

Fran passing out the prizes. I don't think Kelly was paying attention because she was supposed to be drawing for the winner!

I won this awesome coffee (or tea for me) mug that says, "Too Blessed to be Stressed" and I LoVe it!!! I ended up having the last Big Bunko of the evening so yea for me!

There is just something so rejuvenating about spending an evening laughing hysterically with friends. It felt so good to let loose and have a blast. Being a stay at home mom is absolutely wonderful but I miss the interaction with people on a daily basis. Getting out and doing stuff for me helps me feel like I haven't lost touch with the world. I feel like a better mom for it.

What do you do for fun? If you stay home, do you feel the need to get out to help rejuvenate yourself? Am I the only one?

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