Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playroom Part 1

Since we moved into the new house we knew there would be many rooms that needed updating. After sitting and discussing which rooms needed attention first we decided on the playroom. This might sound a little weird considering we have miles of floral wallpaper that needs to come down, but as a stay at home mommy I am in the playroom with the kids a lot. A. Lot. :) Right now it is just plain ugly. So, we are putting our time and energy into completing that room first! I have to say that I am super excited about it and I can't wait until everything is organized and easy to find...we haven't been able to find play-doh or several activities for months since they are still packed away in boxes in the garage. Yikes!

This weekend my sweet mother-in-law is coming into town to help us with the kids while we paint and finish some of the projects that two little ones underfoot would complicate! :) Shawn's brother, Chad, brought us the Ikea Expedit shelving system that I have been drooling over for years when they came down for Christmas. It was seriously the sweetest thing considering it came in two huge boxes that took up valuable space in his vehicle. And he had to go to the store to pick them up (along with a few little Ikea items I have been eyeing for a while now too!!!)

For the past week we have been working on all the little things that have to be done before the fun stuff begins. For one, we took out this super awkward cabinet tucked in a little nook. (I have huge plans for this area that I think will look much better and be more functional!

We are definitely not fans of red walls. It makes it feels so dark and cramped in there.

We were super excited when we discovered the mold growing behind the cabinets....NOT!

My handy hubby cut that junk out and re-drywalled the whole area there. I am so glad...mold scares me.

The mess scares me too.....breathe Jen, breathe.

Here is a view (with awesome dust spots on my camera) from the side of the room where the Expedit shelf will go and the weird nook is....messy playroom!

And here is a view from the messy side. :) Love that my husband was cleaning up the drywall mess. He is such a man and I absolutely adore him.

And finally, here is the view into our living room. You can see the awesome wallpaper that adorns the's the best. ;)

I'll keep updating as we go through. I am really thrilled to make this into a space that is fun and functional. I am also really excited about the magnetic chalkboard wall that will be going up soon!!!!!


  1. SO EXCITED to see the finished product girly! I can't wait until we can do fun projects like this to a house of our own! :-)

  2. Hi Jen! I've been following your blog for about three years now (I found it while googeling the BSF in Springfield MO). But I love the ikea shelving system. I was just thinking about the same system but the one for the TV unit. It's nice. I wish we had an Ikea in town!