Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas at Meme Bev and Papa Wayne's - 2011 Edition

We traveled to Eldon the weekend after Christmas to celebrate with Shawn's side of the family. It is so great when we can all get doesn't happen often enough!

Obviously we got all dressed up for opening presents...haha. Actually Easton didn't sleep well...he woke up super early every morning (it totally didn't help that we went to bed reaaaaalllly late every night) and so Shawn got up with him and let me sleep in for a while before we opened presents. SUPER awesome husband!

Scott and Allie got Easton the coolest stuffed food set. He was mad obsessed with it!!!

The banana was a huge hit and he carried it around in his mouth for quite a while.

Chad and Andy got Lauren an adorable stuffed strawberry from Ikea! She loved it immediately!

Meme Bev and Papa Wayne got Lauren lots of fun stuff but she really liked all her new puzzles.

Love Allie in this picture! Don't Scott and Shawn look a lot alike? Oh my goodness, I am so thankful for those two. They love Easton and Lauren so much and we have the most fun hanging out and playing games with them.

Allie was so sweet and offered to hold Easton a lot, but he wasn't having it at this point...such a mama's boy.

Lauren made Meme and Papa handmade gifts this year. They loved them.

Shawn gave Easton the thing of M&M's thinking he couldn't get them open....oh but he did. He totally did. And, he loved them. Surprise, surprise.

Lauren got everybody gifts and Uncle Chad loved his paddle ball set....he hit it like three times and the ball and string flew off. Hahah! We all got a huge kick out of that one.

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with the Barry family. So thankful for their love and support. 

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