Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas at Nammy and Big Papa's - 2011 Edition

After Church on Christmas morning we headed to my parent's house to spend Christmas with them and my family. There was something so sweet about being in my growing up home for Christmas. My dad went all out and put up super FUN and colorful lights for Lauren again this year and the fact that he did that absolutely melts my heart. It was the most beautiful Christmas day and while we waited on my brother and his wife to make it down we enjoyed being outside and eating all the yummy food my mom cooked and had out for us to enjoy!

When it was time to open presents, mom brought out the stockings and Lauren was SO ready! :)

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this picture. :) It shows our family perfectly!!! Shawn was trying to pacify Easton by feeding him, Lauren is dancing, and my dad was doing something (not in the picture) that had my whole family looking at him. Haha!

Lauren really loves "hand tizer" (hand sanitizer) and so my mom got her a few of her very own to clip on to her purse or bag or whatever!!!

So, this past fall Shawn got his very first buck ever and my brother Jared wanted to surprise him by mounting it. Somehow, I managed to sneak it out of the house a few weeks before Christmas without Shawn knowing. Jared made the plaque (like really made it out of wood and such) then did all the mounting himself. It was a really sweet gift and super thoughtful of my macho brother. ;)

He made my brother Zach one as well...

Lauren spent a lot of time on Big Papa's lap or with Nammy (or with the super cute Disney dolls she got from Uncle Zach and Aunt Victoria)

My parents got Easton some of the cutest Nike shoes ever! They are still a little big but I can't wait until he can wear them. Seriously, are they not the best!!!

This little man was into everything! Such a little stinker...and such a cute little ham!

He loves the soccer ball my parents got him. We have had a lot of fun with it so far and I am sure it will get lots of use over the next months while we are all in because of the cold!

Lauren loves pajamas. She would literally wear them 24/7 if I would let her, so this new pair from Nammy and Papa were perfect...she loves the "bu-yer-fies" on them. :)

Shawn and I both got a new pair of rubber boots...I am super excited because now I won't have to borrow my mom's (whose are a size too small and when I was deer hunting with Shawn last fall I had to take them off in. the. treestand. because my feet were feeling claustrophobic) or my SIL's.

Easton got this awesome push John Deere Buck vehicle. He already loves it, even if he isn't quite big enough to ride on it by himself.

Lauren got a super cute vanity and Gigi got her a huge box of makeup and nail polish and all kinds of goodies to go with it. The only problem with the makeup is that she started painting her own toes right there on Nammy's rug before anyone knew what she had! Ha! She has since painted every toe a different color. Totally ahead of the fashion world, right?!?

You know you are a little girl's daddy when you are man enough to put together a pink vanity (complete with matching makeup stickers that he made sure went right where they were supposed to!)

Last year, Zach and Victoria got engaged on Christmas Eve at my parents house....this year they are an old married couple. Well, maybe not too old. :)

My sweet parents (who always do too much!!!!) Aren't they cute?!?

The brothers....oh dear. ;)

We had such a great time with the family. :) It's always a blast watching everyone open their presents and trying to talk above the noise and chaos. I would't change it for the world!


  1. such a fun Xmas!!!
    I'm so surprised that Lauren loves hand sanitizer.... NOT! so cute, just like you! XO

  2. hey! i am new to all of this, and have ust started.
    could you follow me ?