Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Years Eve Celebrations!!!

Since we were in Eldon for New Year's Eve this year I thought it would be super fun to get a bunch of games together for our family to all play. Shawn's family are all HUGE game players but I wanted it to be something other than our normal go-to board games! So, Shawn and I planned a Minute to Win It Party!!!!

Allie and Scott preparing (mentally) for the games ahead.

One of the games was called "noodling around" You put a piece of spaghetti in your mouth and then had to use it to pick up four pieces of penne pasta without dropping any or breaking your spaghetti noodle. Andy did a great job with his!

He was pretty proud, haha!

I'm so glad Scott made sure to wear his festive New Year's Hat! ;) He was totally serious and ready to win the thing!

Another game we played involved using only your face to put Vaseline on your nose and then move cotton balls from one bowl to another. We were all laughing at that one. Chad was cracking me up!

Aunt Carol got quite a few cotton balls glad I caught this picture!

Hahahah, Scott!!!!!

Shawn's turn....
(Aso can you see the sweet Minute to Win It game board Andy and I made in the background?!?! Super sweet skills right?)


My turn...I got them all!

We played a ton of other games, but my battery was dead on my camera so I spent most of the evening charging it up. Thankfully it was ready to go around Midnight....and yes, Lauren stayed up. We couldn't believe it but she was SUCH a trooper and did a great job!!!! She LOVED the blow horns and balloons and hats and everything!

I adore this picture of Lauren and her Uncle Scott. She loves him so much and he is so sweet to her.

And this picture makes me super happy too....I LOVE and am SO thankful for the fact that she has uncles who are willing to be silly and crazy just to make her smile. She is seriously so blessed. :)

Ringing in 2012 was so much fun. I even got to kiss my man at midnight. Gotta love that!

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