Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011!!!

We had so much fun on Christmas Eve at our house. Shawn and I started a new tradition of letting the kids open a couple of gifts from us. We are pretty sure we will be doing this every year. The first gift was a pair of Christmas pajamas. I have to be honest here....I totally dropped the ball on buying the kids new Christmas themed pjs. I just re-wrapped some that they already had. Lauren got the Christmas-y plaid jammie dress from my mom last year and Easton's pj's were a hand-me-down borrowed pair from our friend Ryan. Lauren was totally confused by it and called me out by saying, "wait....these are already my jammies." :) I just had to laugh.

The next gifts the kids got to open (well really just Miss Lolo as Easton could have cared less) were a book and a new Christmas DVD. I don't know if we will do both each year or just one but this year it totally worked out (mainly because I had the DVD in the closet and forgot that I'd bought it until just days before Christmas....same with the book...yikes!)

We got them this book: (which is totally awesome by the way)

And this movie: (I HIGHLY recommend!!! We will be buying more in this series!!!!)

Easton was more fascinated by the fireplace and the stockings than the presents at first. Good thing Lauren was all business. ;)

After baths and getting into their new old Christmas jammies it was Easton's bedtime. We checked online to see where Santa was and then Shawn and I surprised Lauren by letting her stay up late with us to watch the movie. Surprisingly, the movie kept us all entertained. :)

We made Christmas cookies (chocolate chip) earlier in the day for Santa so we made sure to set that out for him. Lauren told us that Santa liked chocolate milk so we put that out as well. I don't have pictures (bummer) but we also spread out the reindeer food Elfie brought us back from the North Pole. Lauren LOVED that part and we made sure to check the sky for Santa!!!

Then it was off to bed for the Barry household. We had a big morning the next day...

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