Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Poor Husband!

Pretty much as soon as Christmas was over and the ribbons and boxes and ornaments were packed up, my mind started racing. I haven't really let myself think of Easton's room or the things I HAVE to get done before he arrives, but now it seems like all I can think about. To top it off, we are FINALLY decorating Lauren's room!!! So, I have two sweet rooms to finish and a house to clean and organize. Thankfully, I am totally into that kind of stuff, otherwise the sheer magnitude of what I have ahead of me would

Nobody knows better how crazy I've been than my man. He's come home from long days of work and sat patiently as I told him in great detail all the plans I have. For him. =) He's given me hugs in spite of the extra workload and kissed my forehead assuring me he didn't wish he was married to someone else. What a man.

Yesterday I FINALLY decided on the bedding choice for Easton's room. Now, I am just in the process of seeing if it will cost more to have someone make it or find the fabric and have my Meme make it. I can't wait to show you the DARLINGNESS of it. Oranges, greens, browns, blues, absolutely PERFECT for our little Easton. I also decided I am going to attempt to paint a Bible verse on canvas for his room (and Lauren's). I am really excited about it and have been thinking about what verses I want to be in each of their rooms.

The other really exciting thing, (exciting I tell you!!!!) is that I FINALLY figured out what I want Lauren's room to look like. We still have the daunting task of moving her to a full size bed (ahhhh!) and a dresser that was my daddy's and then mine to fix for her new room. And now, thanks to me, Shawn has another huge task to accomplish! Yesterday I found the most amazing cube bookshelf online at Ikea. I was totally set to order it, and then I checked shipping. People, the bookshelf was $70 and the shipping was $350. Three hundred and fifty dollars. My heart fell. That.bookshelf.was.perfect. Perfect. So, I did some looking around online and I came across some plans to make your own cube bookshelf and so we ended up at Lowe's last night doing some of this:

and we came home with the materials needed to fix my dad's old dresser and to make my dream bookshelf come true! My poor husband!

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