Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas at Home

We woke up Christmas morning at our own house and I was hit with the realization that next year at Christmas we will have two little kiddos to celebrate with. We are truly so blessed and I am thankful beyond words for the little family God has given me.

We woke up to the wonder of wonders...snow on Christmas morning!!! It was a light dusting, but we counted it!!!

Shawn and I woke earlier than Lauren, so he made coffee in his new Keurig and we waited for Lauren to wake up. It was sweet time with my hubby. 

We finally heard her stirring, so I grabbed the camera and Shawn grabbed the video camera. She was way too worried about putting her binks in the "bink bucket" to care that it was Christmas morning. It was really cute and such a sweet memory!

We had our traditional Christmas morning pancakes and even though we forgot the candle this year, we still sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and talked about the real meaning of the day. Shawn made Lauren a special Mickey Mouse pancake since she is obsessed with that show and all of the characters right now!!! Her face is just precious to me. Notice the Minnie Mouse Christmas jammies?

Once we finished eating, we headed in to destroy the wrapping job we worked so hard on! Here is my precious little girl in front of the tree and her presents. 

She opened her stocking first and loved the new undies, chapstick, and purple house shoes that Santa brought. 

I know I look scary, but I'm keeping it real here. No makeup on Christmas morning! Ha!!! She loved her new puzzle and even though it is a jigsaw puzzle, she has already mastered it. 

One of her "big" gifts from us was a sweet little laptop. She saw it in Target one day and loved it so much that we just had to get it for her. Of course, it hasn't seen as much playtime as the Target trip yet, but she still really likes it. 

I have to share this picture because even though I look scary, look what I got! Construction paper! The good kind like I used to use when I was teaching!!! My husband knows me so well!!! I got so tired of trying to find a specific color in those pads of multicolored construction paper all the time. I already have big organizing plans ahead for our "school" stuff at home and these beauties will find a special place!

One of Lauren's favorite toys is the Melissa and Doug cutting food set. She LOVES it and plays with it at least once a day. She's even started mixing some of the cut up pieces in her big cook pot to make a stew! Ha!!!

This is another awesome gift from my hubby. I think he got tired of me complaining that I could never find my earrings! It's an earring holder! I'll have to post the picture of it hanging in my closet with all my earrings on it to give the full effect, but he made it himself and I LOVE those kinds of gifts. He also made me two things to hold my necklaces!!! Yay!!!

Another "big" gift Lauren got from us was a digital camera. She absolutely loves it and even though we have a TON of pictures of my legs and the carpet and any and everything besides a smiling face, it makes me so happy to watch her take pictures. 

Say cheese!!! I can't wait to see what she documents with this camera. One of our goals when getting it was that she could take her own pictures of her baby brother, but we've got to work some more on the aim!

We had a fabulous Christmas morning and aside from Shawn getting really sick later in the day it was a wonderful and memorable Christmas for the Barry Fam!

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  1. Lauren looks so grown up! I love her Minnie jammies, and I love all of the pictures from your fun time together!