Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Question #1

For all my awesome mommy friends out there, would you help a girl out? I saw this idea on a blog once and I thought I'd steal it and do my own version!!! My brain is in total planning mode right now and I have several big questions swirling around that I need to get answered! I thought you could help me out in the comments section!!! Thanks in advance for all of your awesome advice!!!

#1 ~ We are looking into getting a double stroller for our kiddos. They will be almost three years apart so we are thinking of doing a sit and stand stroller. Any thoughts? Recommendations? Reviews? 

 Like this one?

Or this one?

Or ~ Do you suggest a regular double stroller like this one by Chicco?
Or this one by Graco?


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  1. We have one like the one by Chicco (but from Target) and I LOVED that the baby car seat would fit right in it so I didn't have to get Dylan out when he was super little until we got in somewhere. Kyler liked having an actual seat to sit back in and look out at everything, then when they got older, the back seat would lay down for anyone who needed to take a quick snooze and perfect for changing a diaper inside too! :)