Tuesday, January 11, 2011

L Lunch

This week we've been focusing on the letter L around here. Lauren knows a lot of her letters, but gets them mixed up a lot so I thought a really informal approach to letter of the week would be fun for us. I haven't started preschool with her so this is the perfect opportunity for us to have a little fun and for her to get more exposure to the letters. I'm not starting with the traditional ABC order. Instead, I found an idea here to go through the letters of her name. Again, since this isn't her formal pre-schooling, I feel that this relaxed approach is the best for us. I will be posting later in the week all the activities we did for the letter L, but I thought I would post the L lunch I made for her.

Can I just say that coming up with this L lunch was hard! There aren't that many foods (at least that I could think of) that started with the letter L. So, I got a little creative!

From top left: Cutie oranges arranged in the shape of the letter L, yogurt with a Lauren pick I made, grapes with a Ladybug resting on them, pepperoni cut into hearts (for Love) and the word Love created from cheese, L shaped turkey sandwich with green sprinkles and more cheese L's.

 Even though some of the L shaped things were a stretch Lauren seemed to really Loooooove it! She ate everything except the yogurt (I forgot she had already had some for snack time earlier so she wasn't too excited about it!). She isn't a huge fan of sandwiches that aren't cut into pieces, so after she ate the L's and sprinkles off the top of the sandwich I had to cut it before she would eat it. Oh, and don't you love how she is still in jammies at noon? Just keeping it real!!! =)

I also made her a fun little snack for our morning snack time today. If the girl had it her way she would have a snack in her hands every moment of the day, but since I want her to actually eat her lunch and dinner I'm having to move to a more structured and scheduled snack time. It is working for us to have snack time around 10 each morning and then again when she wakes up from her nap around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Other than that, I am really trying to limit her grazing! This snack was focused on dipping!

Left side: Ranch dressing and carrots
Right side: Apple slices and yogurt


  1. I am LLLLLoving this whole post! You're so creative and I'm sooooooooo inspired by your talent! You put so much thought and care into it - it's adorable :-)

    I have been trying to write up some "lesson plans" - I use that term loosely - for my little guy. He's not quite two, but he's a SPONGE and I think this is a critical learning time! I hope you don't mind if I learn a bit from you and maybe practice some of your ideas :-) I think they are just great!

  2. oh my goodness! that L lunch is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so cute and fun-filled! You're such an amazing Mommy!

  4. I love it! Very creative. My girls eat anything that's put in a divided dish and somewhat creative. Funny, isn't it?

    Okay, this pregnancy has your creative juices flowing. Whoa, girl. I love Lauren's canvas. I've painted several but never turns out quite like I want. I never occured to me to use paint pens for the words. Brilliant. I'm trying that.