Wednesday, October 03, 2012

On Being a "Helicopter" Mom

Y'all I got a little tiffed yesterday. I read an author say that she was not a helicopter mom. She didn't follow her kids up the slide at the playground...

Well - you see....yesterday I had done just that. Yep. I took my sweet babies to the park and I climbed and traversed that whole piece of equipment with them. I held my little man on my lap so he could go down the biggest slide like his sister. I watched over Lauren as she climbed the rock wall and cheered her on when she accomplished it. Does that make me a helicopter mom?

I don't think so. I think it makes me an involved mom.

I only have this day with my kids and if I want to get completely in their world and play on the playground equipment with them I will! I don't want these precious babies I have been entrusted with to feel as though they are a burden to me. They want me to play with them. There will be a day when they won't. They will be just fine to play without me. I don't want to miss this.

So I laughed and ran and slid and cheered. And I would do it again.

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