Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Half Bath Reveal!!!!

It's probably ridiculous how excited I am to have a FINAL reveal to share here. Well....I am still waiting on the roman shade for the window to get here....ugh backorder! But, other than that the downstairs bathroom is d to the done!

The bones of the bathroom were great. Other than having to rip out the back wall and replace the window and replace a few boards of the hardwood (okay, that was a lot actually) all we did was paint and decorate!

The runner was a Target clearance find. I'd actually been eyeing it for a while so when it went on sale I snagged it up! The toilet paper holder is a garage sale crate I stained.

I've been collecting plates for a while now for this wall. I know, it's a bit strange to have plates on a wall in a bathroom, but they just seemed to work for me. I sort of adore them.

Shawn built me these awesome pallet shelves. He found the boards in our woods out back and used this super easy tutorial on how to make them. I filled them with little things I've been collecting over the years and some stuff I just recently found.

(Shawn will want you to know that the shelves are not crooked...hah! It's the angle I took the pic! You can rest assured they are level!)

I made the rope vase by hot gluing the rope to a large black beans can I'd saved. I love it. It took literally no time and I think it gives a great natural element!!!! The wooden spool is so cool....I wish it were an antique but it's just a Marshall's find. ;)

Shawn used some of my leftover rope from the can project to create a one of a kind towel holder for me!!! I am in serious love with it!

Here is the view from the hallway. We are waiting on a white roman shade to cover the window. I love having it open, but if people are on the back deck it makes it awkward to use the restroom, ha!

I'm so in love with this room. I love the feeling of it and it just makes me so happy to know that we have come so far from where it started!!!!