Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Wedding

Saturday, June 4th, was a very exciting day for our family. My brother got married to the absolute sweetest girl ever. We have loved her for a while now so it was really special to get to officially call her a part of our family.

Zach and Victoria decided to get married on my parent's farm. It was absolutely gorgeous and everything turned out so perfectly.

I loved this picture display that Victoria created. Their parents and grandparents' wedding photographs were displayed and it was just too cute!

Lauren was the flower girl and she was just too precious for words. I love this picture of Victoria and Lauren before the wedding.

Easton and Zach before the wedding.

Lauren made it down the aisle even though I was worried her shyness might hinder her. She never smiled or threw any flowers, but she made it down and it was almost more sweet that way.

She didn't stand by the bridesmaids but instead went straight to her Nammy. :)

The ceremony was beautiful. There were even butterflies that fluttered around Zach and Victoria.

Their first dance...

Lauren danced the night was so cute.

Our faces were bright red because of the crazy heat, but this is the only picture I have of my mom and me together.

Mom and dad were so cute.

I thought this picture of Zach and mom (although a little blurry) was really sweet.

The wedding was beautiful and we are so happy to have Victoria as a part of our family. I honestly cannot imagine a better woman for my brother. I have no idea how he snagged her (ha) but I am so glad he did. She is such a perfect fit for him. I hope and pray that they have many many years of happiness together.

If I could give any advice to Zach it would be to love her. Love her more than you think you can. Show her you love her every day. When she least expects it. When she needs it the most. Love. Her.

Victoria, my advice for you would be to never stop having fun with Zach. Do crazy things together and always respect him as the head of your home.

I love you both and cannot wait to spend many fun memories together in the years to come!!!


  1. Such a sweet post! The wedding location looked SO NICE! :-) Lauren was the cutest thing ever! haha! Loved her little dress! AND - you looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! :-)