Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre School and Random Ramblings!

I am so excited to begin Pre School with Lauren and even though we won't "officially" start until this fall, I already have a bunch of fun ideas and plans in the works for this summer! I am using this time to ease into a school routine and to see what works and doesn't for our family before we go all out in the fall! Today will be our very first day of intentional learning time. I am so excited and I hope that little brother cooperates and lets us have some fun! Plus, we have already had the TV on way too much this summer and I am really over it!

We've been experiencing some a lot of whining around the house lately and I am desperate for some relief from it! Enter the Marble Jar! I'll post pictures soon. Any time I catch Lauren speaking like a big girl or doing something with a happy heart or what-have-you I will let her put a marble in her special jar. Anytime a fit occurs or whining beyond a warning happens she will get a marble removed from her jar. Oh how I hope this works! :) I'll keep you posted!

I've been loving Pinterest! Are you on there? If so, let me know and I would love to follow you!!!

I'm in the middle of a complete organization and life-management overhaul around here. One of my favorite new blogs is I Heart Organizing. Check it out...fantabulous!!! I've ordered a few of her adorable charts and I am feeling SO much better already about keeping our house in check. I can't wait to post some of my before and after pics as well as my new and WAY improved Recipe Binder and Home Management Binder!

My motto lately has been - If it Takes Less Than 30 Seconds, Do It. I read that somewhere in a book one time and it is working! I have a bad habit about walking by something that I could totally pick up. I've found that if I follow my little motto my house stays much tidier!

My little man has slept 6 hours straight the last two nights. I realize that by posting that, he will never again sleep for that long in one stretch but I am just giddy with excitement over it. He will be three months on the 4th and I just can't believe it. I love that little man so deeply!

My friend Mandie posted some great homemade cleaning supplies on her blog today and I am anxious to try a few of them out! The other day I cleaned my stainless steel sink with a paste of baking soda and vinegar and I cannot tell you how shiny it is! Nothing I have ever used on it has left it as clean as that simple mixture! I'll never buy another expensive cleaning product for my sink for sure!!!

Has this post been random enough for you? Kelly over at Kelly's Korner started posting all the details of a day in her life so that she can look back one day and see what her life looked like with two little ones. I am seriously considering following in her footsteps. Would anyone be interested in hearing about my mundane life? There is sure to be at least 50 diaper changes in it! In all honesty though I think it would be fun and I just might do it. For the two of you who read you might want to find something else to read those days if I am too boring!

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  1. Jen

    It is great to hear how excited about pre-school you are! It was a wonderful time for my boys. I wanted to let you know that I found so much success with a marble jar with my kids that I created an iPhone/pad/pod app for it, so you can have your marble jar with you wherever you go! If you are interested in checking it out you can find it here:

    Thanks, and let us know how the physical jar works for you!