Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Our Day in Pictures

Today was a day. A. Day.

I almost lost my mind four million times. I might have shed a few tears. Thank goodness there is tomorrow.

I can't find my camera, so I decided to snap pics of our day on my phone. I want to remember these tough days just as much as I want to remember those days that are just as sweet as can be. The truth is, our day started out pretty good. I even got a sweet picture of my two loves...

And then I looked around our house and felt all panicky inside because well, it is a mess. And, I hate when my house is a mess. It makes me feel messy inside. I get all frazzled and irritated and just a smidge extremely overwhelmed.

Exhibit A: one small section of our living room

Exhibit B: Laundry, laundry, laundry....ugggg

After too much time inside we decided to brave the heat to get some fresh air. I needed it because my house was suffocating me. And, my (absolutely darling) children were driving me a little bonkers.

The sunshine helped my attitude a little, but it was SO hot that we had to get back inside before we melted into the concrete or this mama had a heat stroke.

Lauren went down for her nap and Easton fell asleep at the same time. I was ecstatic until he woke up screaming 19 minutes later. 19 minutes? Seriously, son? How in the world am I ever going to get the basics of keeping up a house done? I'm not talking deep cleaning, people...I'm talking just putting some dishes in the sink or creating a clear path from one room to the other. I love him so much, but today I had a bad attitude about his lack of sleeping. It doesn't help that he is still waking up every three hours at night so I am getting approximately NOT ENOUGH SLEEP these days.

He would go from this....

to this in no time flat

I had that same face several times today.

One REALLY super sweet thing today was that Lauren decided to draw a picture of her daddy...want to see it? I think it is absolutely FABULOUS! Honestly, I was SO proud that she did it all by herself I hung it on our fridge and just had to take a picture to remember her first drawing of a person! How sweet that it was of her daddy!!!

He looks good, doesn't he? Those legs are suhweet!

After Shawn got home and we made a trip to the grocery store I treated myself to one of my favorite things right now.... a frozen strawberry lemonade minus the strawberry syrup from McDonald's. I can't drink my beloved coke, so I've switched to this new jewel. I crave it so much. Yum!

It was late, but I didn't hit the spot!

Here's to tomorrow!!!


  1. Praying things go smoother for you today! LOVE Lauren's drawing! And, I know it's overwhelming, but it IS normal and it WILL get better. I deep cleaned Monday... it might have been the first time since Silas was born... and it made me happy. But as I thought back on the last year, I thought, "Man, that flew by." On days like yesterday, I know it doesn't feel like it, but he'll be more and more independent before you know it! (I know you know this. And you know that I think you do such a great job!!!!)

  2. I loved that post, not because it was a "rough" day for you (sorry), but because it makes me feel more normal!!! Everyone has those days, even people who seem to "have it together!!" I am jealous of the laundry pile that drives you crazy because mine occupies an ENTIRE BED!!!!! Queen size!!!! ahhhh

  3. I just love you and how real you are!