Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Butterflies and Shopping

Yesterday my mom, Lauren, and I headed to the big town of Branson! My brother's girlfriend had acquired tickets to the Butterfly Museum for the three of us and we were pretty excited to see what the fuss was all about. Honestly, I am not sure if I would have paid the $16.95 a ticket to go, but free was great for us!

I wasn't sure how Lauren would do since she tends to freak out about bugs. She especially freaks out about flying bugs. I have no idea where she gets that from. No idea.

We started in the rain forest room and checked out all kinds of frogs and lizards and creepy crawly things.  There were the cutest little blue frogs and we got to see the red-eyed tree frogs too. Pretty neat experience.

When we were done in that room we wen through the maze of mirrors. Which I would like to rename as the "I have a toddler on my hip and keep running into mirrors and I think this is where my life will end because will I ever find my way out of this maze". Let's just say that by the end of the maze I was having difficulty breathing. Lauren wanted to do it again so I let Nammy take her. Mom said that about half way through Lauren kept saying, "O-tay...No more"! Hah!!!

Then, mom and I had the brilliant idea that hitting up the little 3-D butterfly movie would be great. We took our seats and laughed at each other in the dorky glasses. I wish I had a picture of how absolutely adorable Lauren looked for the 5.7 seconds that Lauren wore hers. The movie was actually pretty scary. Lauren ended up on Nammy's lap and I was horrified that at the end of this movie about how a butterfly comes to be, the praying mantis eats it. Yep. It was pretty sad.

We finally made it up to the butterflies and it was actually pretty neat. Lauren did way better than I expected, but she did not want to be out of our arms the entire time. Mostly Nammy got that privilage. I am totally not number one with her around!

I think the picture above truly shows the level of apprehension Lauren had about those flying butterflies!


At some point Lauren found a magnifying glass and proceeded to look through it and lick on it. Yes, I said lick and if you know how I am about germs, you know I seriously about died in the middle of that butterfly oasis.

Here is a little video of her butterfly experience. Don't miss the last 10 seconds when she freaks out because a butterfly gets all up in her business.

After an exciting morning we hit up Applebee's for lunch. Big disappointment. Lauren enjoyed her meal though!

Of course you can't go to Branson without shopping, right? We hit up Tanger and got a few good deals. The best part of the shopping day for Lauren was this:

Oh yeah, Barney. Barney on a tractor. Made that girl's day like nothing else.

That girls loves her some Barney and some tractors. The combination couldn't have been more perfect. It was like it was meant for her!

Here is a little video of the ride. Love it when she says that Barney is happy. Of course he is, dear one. Because of you!!!

And the thing that made THIS girl happy?!?! My first Coach purse. Yep. I did it. I bought a Coach purse. I have to tell you that it was WAY MAJORLY on sale or I would have just walked myself right out of that store.

I love it so much I am even afraid to wear it. Isn't that sad? Anyway, it is a gunmetal color and it just makes me happier than you could ever know.

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  1. So cute! It looks like you girls had a big day! :-)