Friday, September 24, 2010


Over the past two weeks I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people in my life. I just wanted to take a moment and share some of these things so that I don't forget them.

Last Monday was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. I woke up sick and my house was a wreck. I had dishes in the sink that had been there since our Thursday night dinner. Yeah. Not good. Our pantry and fridge were in desperate need of some food. I knew a grocery trip was much needed, but I was dreading it majorly. As I was driving down my street to the store, I got a call from my friend Kelly. She said that she was on her way over and that she had made us dinner. I couldn't believe it. She said that she woke up that morning and just felt like she should make dinner for our family so that I didn't have to. When I got turned around and she got to the house she offered to watch Lauren for a bit while I ran to get some cleaning supplies. I was completely out of dish hand soap and dish washing detergent. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing.

My friend Desire' sent me a message and asked if I would like to borrow her maternity clothing. She just had a sweet little boy in April and so her clothes would be perfect for the season. I was pregnant with Lauren mostly in the summer so most of my clothes won't work this time around. Her husband and Shawn work together so Shawn brought home a huge tub one night. It was full of awesome and almost brand new maternity clothes. There were four pair of jeans and I could have cried at that sight alone because I didn't have a single pair of maternity jeans!!! Then there are long sleeve tee shirts, comfy lounge pants, sweaters, dresses, dress pants and on and on. She even let me borrow one of her tummy bands for these early stages of pregnancy. She didn't have to share these with me, but she did. It was such a thoughtful and kind and generous gift she gave me.

Yesterday I had an unexpected lunch date come up with my aunt. Lauren and I were excited to go but it had been a really rough morning. When we left the house was in shambles again. This time there were dishes in the sink, toys all over the living room, and at least two loads of unfolded laundry waiting for me in a massive pile on the couch. I knew it would be a long afternoon of clean-up and I was dreading it. When we got home I walked into a clean kitchen. The dishes were done. The dishwasher was running. The counters were clear and clean. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then, I walked into the living room and saw that the couch was clear of laundry, the toys were picked up, and the floor had been vacuumed. I knew it was Shawn but I still couldn't believe it. He had come home on his lunch break and cleaned for me. The weight lifted off of my shoulders was huge. It was such a gift.

Today I went to get my mail and I noticed a card from my friend Cara. We don't see each other often and so it was especially sweet to see her handwriting on a card. When I opened it there was a sweet and touching note and then a gift card to Sonic. Ha! She's been reading my blog and knows that I've been craving some of that goodness. It was just the most unexpected and nicest thing. She didn't have to send me a sweet card and she most definitely didn't have to send such a neat little gift, but she did.

I've had the sweetest conversation with my friend Tammy, who always has the right words to speak over a situation or a life. She breathes life over me and reminds me who I am in Christ. I feel re-energized from one simple conversation with her. Even when it is just about the little things.

I know there are others who have been praying for me. Who have emailed or just been there when I called. Thank you. 

To say that I have felt blessed these last few weeks is truly an understatement. I know that I do not deserve these acts of kindness and friendship. But I am so thankful for them. This shower of blessings has made me think a lot about doing what God calls me to do. I know that He speaks to me. I know that when I wake up with a burden for a friend, I should do something about it. That burden is there for a reason. It might be a phone call. It might be making them dinner or cleaning their house. It might be offering them something that I could share or sending them a sweet card. It might be a simple phone call to let them know how absolutely loved they are. All too often I ignore the burden or get busy and forget it.

Thank you friends, for reminding me how simple acts of love and kindness can truly make someones day. I am so thankful for each of you and the reminder to love freely that you have given me.


  1. You are too sweet! And just so you know, your enthusiasm and thankfulness are just some of the many reasons why you are so loved and people WANT to do things for you! What a great thing to sit down and document the blessings you've received lately. I'd do well to follow suit. :)

  2. God always knows what we need WHEN we need it. I love all of those blessings you received.

    Last year, during a difficult season, some friends surprised me with dinner for my family. It was such a blessing to me and made a huge impact. I think a homemade dinner for a family is a true act of love.