Thursday, June 10, 2010

"puhwpul" day

Yesterday we had PURPLE day around here!

Lauren is in the process of learning all of her colors. She still does a lot of guessing which is really cute and endearing. Her favorite color to use when guessing is PURPLE. I absolutely adore the way she pronounces it and I intend to get it on video soon so I won't forget! I thought that since she likes to say this color so much, we would spend the whole day doing PURPLE things.

We started the morning by getting dressed in her PURPLE ensemble. All day long she looked at her shirt and said, "puhwpul (purple) sir (shirt)" and "puhwpul bo (bow)". It was too sweet.

Her is my little PURPLE princess. The cup wasn't planned, but I think it is hilarious that it matched our day!

The first thing we did was go to get Alex some food. I didn't get any pictures but Lauren LOVED being in the pet store. She saw a ton of puppies and was head over heels in love with them all.

Then we went to get a little wedding gift for her soon-to-be Aunt Alli. We are so lucky to be adding her to the family. I can't wait to post about their wedding!!!

At 11:30 we headed for a fun music playdate. I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera. WHAT? But, my friends took some pics and promised to email them so I'll post them when I get them!!! Lauren had so much fun. She loved the jingle bells on sticks (I don't know what those are really called) and the big bongo drum. I realized that I want to do more music "stuff" with her at home.

When we got home, Lauren needed a nap and I needed to do laundry and clean. Does it ever end?

Lauren woke up and we headed to the library. I needed to return some books so I thought we could have a fun hunt for PURPLE books. Unfortunately, that was A LOT harder than I thought it would be. Plus, they set up this boat in the children's section and Lauren really just wanted to sit in it and read.

Don't let her fool you...she really isn't much of a reader. *Gasp* I know, it kills me. KILLS ME. But, I keep trying not to force it and to just expose her to lots and lots of books. Even if she would rather look at each one for a second and then throw them down to move on to something else. Seriously, reading this girl a book is near impossible. You have to know how much it breaks this reading mama's heart.

After the library we came home to make our PURPLE page for her COLORS book. Each color we learn about we are making a little page about them that I will laminate or put in sheet protectors and turn into a book that Lauren can look at (yeah right) and we can talk about the objects on each page.

The plan was to go through magazines and pick out PURPLE things that I could cut out and she could glue onto her page. Again, there are not a lot of PURPLE pictures out there. This was kind of a hard color to start with. Oh well, at least red and blue will be easier!!!

This was a really fun project and Lauren was into it. Which was a miracle in itself. The girl knows her PURPLE. =)

And, lest you think that our day was all rainbows of PURPLE and sunshine and giggles...

How about some PURPLE time-out? Sweet little thing. She got it together and the fun began again.

We actually did this last PURPLE activity the night before but it was so much fun that I just HAVE to post.

I got the idea from here and it did not disappoint. Are you ready for this?

PURPLE bathtime!!!

We used the Crayola Color Dotz. They were amazing. And, she didn't turn PURPLE. Which I was honestly a little afraid of.

All in all it was a great day. We didn't have a ton of structured activities, but we talked a lot about the color PURPLE and I think that Lauren has an even better grasp on her beloved "puhwpul".

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  1. I'm so glad you're recording this so that Lauren can read about how much love and time you invested in her. You're a wonderful mommy!