Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hotness, sweaty lips, and precious pics...

This past week has been HOT. So, of course, I decided it would be the perfect time to get a few pictures made of Miss LoLo and myself for Shawn's Father's Day. I am sure that last sentence is full of all sorts of grammatical errors. I had to let my editor go due to economic times and the oil spill in the gulf. So things are a little rough around here right now.

My sweet friend, Bethany, offered to snap some pics of the little lady and myself and I jumped at the opportunity. Lauren knows Bethany and I thought (hoped, prayed, and fasted) that she might be more agreeable to picture taking and you know, like, actually smile for the camera.
Bethany did such an amazing job and even managed to fix some of the pictures so that my upper lip (who sweats there?) wasn't SO shiny. And, despite it being 384 degrees outside we had a good time. And - we got some super sweet pictures. I even love the fact that Lauren isn't smiling in most of them...because let's be real here - the girl doesn't smile for the camera. It's her thing. She's a teenager at 2.

Okay, so I got the shirts at Union28, an online store. Mine says, "My Husband Rocks" and Lauren's says, "My Dad Rocks".


When Bethany said, "Let's do a foot shot." I thought, this is weird. And, I don't like feet. BUT - I love this picture. I will always remember how tiny her sweet feet were. Oh the preciousness of pink Chuck Taylors.

My heart nearly melts at this picture.

Her curls were a raging mess what with all the heat and sweat, but I think they are just PRECIOUS!!!

Bethany was literally laying in the grass for this picture. Oh how I love it.

Checking out the fish....

Bethany, THANK YOU for braving the heat, a cranky toddler, and a sweaty mama. You are the best and I LOVE the pictures. Keep it up, girl!!!


  1. FABULOUS!!!!!! You are both so beautiful!!

  2. Ahhh, pictures that capture the life! There's nothing like it! These are amazing!!