Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nammy's birthday

Monday, June 14th, was my mom's birthday. She came to Springfield to hang out with her girls. Well, more accurately she came to hang out with Lauren and I got to tag along. =)

We took her out to one of her favorite places to eat, Cheddar's. I ordered spinach dip for an appetizer and Lauren tried it. I couldn't believe she did because she usually looks at new food with disgust. Anyway, I captured it on camera!!!

My mom and I were both waiting to see her reaction. I figured she would hate it, but she didn't!!! I told my mom it was a sign of many Cheddar's girl dates in our future!

We tried to get her to put mustard on her fries, but she DID.NOT.LIKE.IT. =)

The ketchup was a hit, though!

We did some shopping after and then met my brother, Zach, at Sam's for some grocery shopping. Lauren calls him "Wack" which I think is just hilarious and oh so fitting for him. She calls my brother, Jared, "gi-gi" which is even funnier considering it doesn't even rhyme with Jared.

Lauren loved running up and down the aisles of Sam's with her Uncle Wack. They are really sweet together.

 Hope you had a fabulous day Mom! How could you not with kids like these?

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  1. You look sa glam in your shades! What a fun day.