Tuesday, February 26, 2013

While We Were Gone...

My amazing parents watched our babies for us while we stole the weekend away. Of course I missed them but it was so nice to get away and be with my man. I'm so thankful for my parents and my grandparents who lavished them with love and ice cream this weekend.

Here are the pics I got from my grandpa that prove they had a blast! Easton even told me he didn't want to come home. Nice, right... ;)

Popsicle anyone?!

The kids went to visit Lauren's kitties, Ariel and Ella. They live with Meme and Papa but Lauren knows they are really hers, hahah! :)

Papa said Easton was really gentle and loving with the kitties. Which made me happy because I figured he would have literally loved them to death. That boy is a BOY.

SO grateful for my parents and grandparents. Couldn't do this parenting thing without them and that is the absolute truth.

I should also add that my baby brother, Jared, watched my kids for a couple of hours on Sunday night so my parents could go to their Bible study at church. He fed them dinner, played with them, and made sure they stayed alive all by himself. I don't think I've ever been more proud of him than I was when I heard he had it all under control. I laughed so hard though because mom said that when they were pulling back in from church they saw Jared taking the kids to the car. Apparently Easton had pooped and obviously Jared was having nothing to do with that so he was going to drive them to the church for my mom to change him. Hahah! Now that's the brother I know and love. ;)

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  1. Had a Wonderful weekend! Went to Tamme's one day, spent a few hours with her and our GGK's. The next day Lauren wanted to come to our house and see (her Kittens)haha. Needless to say, it made our weekend!! What a Sweet Family you have, we're sooo Proud of you guys!! p.s. Jen, meme and I think you and Shawn should go to a concert more often! :-)