Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was so much fun! We got away for a night with some really sweet friends of ours to go see Mr. Luke Bryan himself in concert! We left pretty early Saturday morning so we could hit up some shopping in Lebanon and Lake of the Ozarks before heading on to Columbia.

The road trip was so fun and other than getting a tad bit car sick when we missed our turn to get to the Lake and ended up taking the scenic (read: curvy) road the long way around it went by really quickly. We had so much fun just joking around and talking the whole way.

When we made it to Columbia, the girls all hit the hotel to get ready and the guys went to a boot store a few miles away. It was kind of nice because I felt like I was getting all ready for a hot date that night. :) Haven't done that in a looooong time!

I got a pic of Lindsey and I in our boots but somehow missed one of all three of us girls. :(

We went to eat before the concert at Murray's or something like that. It was really delish although I kind of killed it with my order...I got a greek salad which was yummy and then some blue cheese bread. It was WAY too much smelly cheese in one little dinner. Haha. Needless to say the bread ended up half eaten and I picked a lot of the cheese of my salad too!

Our men wanted to sit by each other at dinner, hah!

And us ladies sat by each other...

 Of course Jeremy chose this opportunity to photo bomb Kasey and me.

When we got to the arena for the concert we all decided to try to sit by each other. When we bought our tickets forever ago we couldn't get six together. We had to buy two seats here and there and there.  We figured we would just all sit in the highest seats up we had and hope that the people sitting next to those two tickets would be willing to move down to a lower section. It worked! We ended up pretty high up but we were all together which was pretty cool. Especially since we I had some pretty sweet dance moves...oh dear!

The concert was absolutely amazing. Seriously, Mr. Luke Bryan loves what he does and puts on quite the show. I blushed several times at his dancing but he was confident in how he can move! :) I didn't get any pics of him at the concert because we were pretty far up and even to the side where we couldn't really see the jumbo screen very well. After the concert we went back to the hotel and popped popcorn and chilled in Jeremy and Kasey's room before we all decided we were old and needed sleep.

The next morning Shawn and I got up and showered and dressed and headed downstairs to get some coffee. We sat right in front of the fireplace and talked. It was so nice to spend a quiet morning with my man. It's usually crazy and hectic and rushed around here. It was an added luxury!

We had the best time and are already looking forward to our next concert adventure whenever that might be! So thankful for good friends and country music!!!

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