Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm posting here tonight.

I don't have anything profound to say, but I'm going to post anyway.

Maybe to get out of my funk I just have to forget about it all and write. I can do that.

Normally on Wednesday mornings the kids and I go to BSF. We love going and I really hate when we have to miss, but both kids have colds and I just don't feel right sending my children in with snotty noses. I don't want to get any other kids sick! So, instead of BSF we hung out at home. I let the kids have toast and nutella for breakfast this morning. Look at this face! He LOVED it!!!

It was a beautiful day here. We played a lot outside and Shawn surprised us by coming home for lunch. He doesn't get to do that much anymore since we moved so it was a special treat for sure. Easton went crazy waving and dancing when he realized his daddy was home. He loves him so much.

The kids took naps today and I worked through their naptime. Easton must really not be feeling well because he didn't nap well at all. I hope it isn't an ear infection, but he woke up about 40 minutes into his afternoon nap and would not go back to sleep. That made for a pretty cranky little man.

I made lasagne and Lauren helped me make homemade french bread for dinner. As Lolo is getting older, I am seeing how much more she enjoys spending one on one time with me. Cooking is the perfect way for us to hang out. Plus, I can sneak in counting!!! :)

Oh and, yes of course we cook with plastic cow figurines lying around. Don't you? ;)

Then since Shawn isn't feeling well either I finished mowing our yard. I actually mowed half of it (we have a VERY large yard) on Monday night so I just finished it up tonight. It felt pretty good and honestly, it was a little bit of a break for me. I just put in my ear buds, turned on Pandora, and spent time thinking and praying while driving that little John Deere around and around our yard. It was nice.

When I got back in Shawn had given the kids baths and Easton was pretty much ready for bed. He felt really warm but I couldn't find my thermometer (side is definitely time to get our first aid and medicine stuff organized!) so I gave him some tylenol and he finally went to sleep.

My great aunt Vera picked some fresh strawberries for us so I made strawberry shortcake for Shawn and Lauren and me. It was really good!

It was my night to tuck Lauren in and we have started a new book, Socks by Beverly Cleary. She loves it because it is a chapter book and she feels very special to have a special book to read with mama. It's good for me because I have a hard time reading aloud to my kids. I don't know why - I love to read and I was a teacher! But, still, I do. So anyway, it's been super fun to know that we are reading through a book! I know I will feel a sense of accomplishment when we get it read.

Shawn and I watched a little television and I worked some more and now I am getting ready to go to bed. I am super excited because I've been re-working my goals and master reading list for 2012. I have kind of been letting that slide lately.

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  1. loved this post. It's a day in the life and these are the things I think we'll treasure most someday. :)
    Love ya!