Thursday, April 26, 2012


Another day at home today! Easton is still not feeling great. He's got a green snotty nose and it's been running all the time. Yuck!

I woke up this morning to this sight... that is ONE MESSY KITCHEN! I should have cleaned it the night before but I chose to turn the light off and walk away. I paid for it this morning.

I cleaned while the kids ate breakfast and then they helped me clean our guest bathroom downstairs. Lauren has been such a huge help lately with chores and I've been working on establishing a chores chart. We've tried a few different things, but nothing's stuck yet. It's really my own issue...I just can't be consistent with it. Anyway, I've been really working with her and figuring out what she can handle.

Easton really got into helping too...haha - we had already cleaned the inside of the toilet just in case you are totally freaking out at this picture right now.

And, Lauren and Easton both loved to vacuum. It was perfect! And, it was so much better cleaning the bathroom with my kiddos than just cleaning it alone!


Of course we spent a ton of time outside today as well. It was pretty hot out but we loved soaking up the sunshine!


After I mowed last night I forgot to shut the detached garage and so Easton caught sight of the lawnmower so we had to sit on it....which led to us taking the mower around the yard for a joy ride! Lauren drove us and Easton was the happiest little guy ever!

I caught this picture of Lauren helping me wash our lunch dishes and it just made me so happy. She pulled the dining room chair in and found the sponge she uses all on her own!

We had a really low key dinner of crock pot chicken caesar sandwiches. They were pretty good. Shawn hasn't been feeling very good and this week has been pretty stressful for him so we just played it really low key. It was such a beautiful night so we decided it would be fun to wash the car. :) He got on to me a few times because I didn't clean my side as well as he would have. Haha, what a crazy man. :)

It was such a great day and I really enjoyed just spending quality time with my loves. Now, Shawn and I are hanging out on the couch catching up on some shows. Feels good.

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