Monday, March 19, 2012

No It Ain't No Lie, Baby Bye Bye Bye

Did you get my N Sync reference in the title there? Oh my goodness I am old. What's worse is that at one time I actually l-o-v-e-d that song. Played it nonstop. Knew the dance moves and hand motions. I'll quit now.

This post is really about something much more important than late 90's early 00's boy bands. Although some might argue there is nothing more important than the mark they left on our country. I. Am. Kidding.

This post is about REMOVING WALLPAPER! Removing very floral, very in your face, very not my style in any way shape or form wallpaper. We bought the house knowing we would have lots and I do mean LOTS of wallpaper to remove, but we were up for the challenge. And challenge it has been. They put this stuff on with super glue, people. I guess the thought of their beautiful (and did I mention FLORAL) wallpaper falling down drove them to madness when they put it up.

Here is an up close and personal shot of the design. Lovely, right? Oh, no? You don't like? Why, whatever for?

And here is my studdly husband after hours of scoring and spraying and scoring and pealing tiny bits off and spraying a whole lot more and waiting and spraying. This was the first piece that came off in somewhat of a sheet. He's proud. (Oh and see that room behind him...yep that paper is coming down soon too!!!)


Such a fashion statement, this wallpaper.  I bet the kids from Project Runway could make something fabulous out of it.

And this is quite possibly my favorite part of the whole taking down wallpaper bit. Easton crawled over and found the scorer and started using it on the wall. He. Is. So. Smart. Watch the video below the is priceless too.

We still have a long way to go. There is still a ton of wallpaper up. But, it sure feels good to say bye bye to some of it! Imagine me doing the hand motions right now. Yep, you got it. ;)


  1. Little genius baby you have there! :)
    I'm excited to see the finished product!!!!

  2. I have some lovely howling-coyote-approved, southwest flavored wallpaper in my bathroom. Oh yeah. We could swap stories for sure. And that precious little guy with the scorer? Adorable!