Friday, April 23, 2010

in bloom

Lauren and I spent the morning at Target and Lowe's. We decided that we would start working on our front porch. Well, I decided but she is pretty much game for anything these days. Our front porch area is pitiful. Really. It needs a good power washing, but that will have to come another day. It is so bland and I have been wanting to change out the mailbox and light fixture for a LONG time as well as add some flowers. I took down the gold one today and tried to put the new one up, but the screw holes are in the wrong place so that will be a job for Shawn.


Lauren helped me clean the bicycle off and get it ready for the plants we bought at Lowe's.

Love the boots.

I don't have any pictures of us actually planting the flowers but I can tell you it was a mess! So much fun, but such a mess!!!

The finished product (minus the mailbox!)

She was so proud of the flowers.


  1. Look at you two and your masterpiece! Your house and Lauren look very cute!

  2. You expressed my thoughts those boots! The porch looks great too. Something about flowers just lifts the mood, don't they?