Thursday, April 22, 2010

dangerous decorating

A few weeks back I was shopping with some friends and we started discussing the shape of my mantle. I actually brought it up, but these girls have seriously good taste in decorating and I wanted their opinion (or for them to just come and do it for me!) I wanted something lighter than I had previously had up there. I just bought the stuff and kind of went with it. I'm still not entirely convinced it all works, but I like it.

I made the little chalkboard sign (I am a little obsessed with the chalkboard paint right now) and I thought it helped give the arrangement a little more depth. The vase on the right is actually a pretty blueish color but it reads lighter in this picture. I love the candle holders (Hobby Lobby) and the canvas is from Pier One.

Here is a more panned out view of the mantle. Don't tell me if you hate it. ;)


  1. I actually love that!!! Of course you should see mine......

  2. I love it! It's so clean and crisp!! It really pops! Got a flyer in the mail today from Pier 1 and saw something I wanted for my mantle!