Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at Nammy & Big Papa's

This year has been really great for us so far because instead of having to rush around and feel as though we don't get to be at any place (Shawn's parents', my parents', and our house) for long, it has worked out where we've had (or will have) several days at each place!!! Yay!

This year we went to my parents before Christmas and got to spend the weekend before with them! I had to stop and take a picture of the gravel road that leads me home.

It was so wonderful to just hang out with my family. I am sure I just appreciate them more as I've gotten older, but I seriously love them so much and couldn't shake the feeling of just complete thankfulness the whole time we were together. I was especially thankful the time I accidentally kicked Zach in the face with my foot and he graciously didn't kill me!

I love this picture of my little man and my dad headed out to ride the big tractor. Easton is pretty smitten with his Papa and tractors.

Shawn captured this picture of Easton trying on some horns in my dad's shop. What a silly dude.

He also enjoyed riding the little John Deere riding tractor that was Jared's when he was a boy.

Macie kisses....

While the boys were outside, I was inside finishing up some last minute Christmas gifts....leave it to me to put it off until the eleventh hour! So thankful that my mom had a great area set up and that Victoria had some last minute gifts to finish I wasn't alone!

We played Christmas pictionary and Lauren was a huge help to her daddy....they were on my team and we won!

I don't have a lot of pictures of us actually opening presents, but everything was absolutely perfect. I think my favorite part was when my  mom opened her gift from my dad. He got her a new wedding band set!!! It was beautiful and he picked it out himself!

 Easton and Lauren both got new boots!!! They are way too stinking cute in them!

 Lauren got lots of fun princess-y things, but her biggest gift was the Disney Princess doll house. Oh my goodness...she was ecstatic! We had no idea what she was getting so it was a fun surprise for Shawn and me as well.

She also had told Zach a while back that she wanted a camo shirt that was a little big so she could go hunting with him when she was bigger. He remembered that conversation and got her...guess what?!?

Easton got a four wheeler! Oh my goodness he was so excited when he saw it and the next day he had to ride it outside. (Side's a lot easier to ride outside than inside on hardwood!)

Lauren even had a go at it! I have a feeling this thing is going to be put to good use in the years ahead!

Here is a video of him parking it in my parents' garage. I'm pretty impressed in his abilities already. :)

What a fun and relaxing and joyful time we had together. I wouldn't have changed a thing!!!

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