Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at Meme & Papa Bob's

I'm so thankful that for the past 29 years I've been able to spend Christmas with my Meme and Papa Bob. It is something I look forward to every single year, and not just because of the amazing breakfast we have. I love, love, love it. Since having kids it has become even more special. I love watching them with their great grandparents and the whole family.

This year was extra special because my aunt and uncle got a new puppy! Meet Manny....

The kids were totally smitten and honestly so was I. He is a little french bulldog and he is just too stinking cute. He is only about 9 weeks old so he mostly got held and cuddled all day. Although he did play a little with Zach and Victoria's puppy, Riley, who was for once the biggest dog around!

We had a great breakfast, and then opened presents. 

Easton got a big new tractor that makes sounds and everything! :)

And Lauren got princess dresses galore! She got the Aurora one she's been wanting forever from Uncle Darell and Aunt JuJu and the Tangled purple dress and wedding dress from Meme and Papa Bob!!!!

She also got the "Rora buddy" she's been hoping for from Uncle Darell and Aunt JuJu. Her face was priceless when she opened it!

Uncle Darell and Aunt JuJu got Easton a tool bench! He was so excited. He loves to help his daddy work so this was perfect for him!

This picture is a little blurry, but Meme and Papa made the kids felt food for their play kitchen!!! I couldn't believe how amazing everything looked. They have eggs and bacon and fruit now so when we play restaurant they can make me real food!!! She also made them each their own pot holder (thank the good Lord, because are we ever going through a not wanting to share stage!) that has their name on it. Seriously, too cute!

The princess loot....

And the princess herself, as Tangled getting married....

Easton decided the whole festivities were just too much and succumbed to a nap on Uncle Zach and then Nammy.

While he napped, the rest of us played a few rousing rounds of Marbles! So. Stinking. Much. Fun!

It was such a wonderful day filled with wonderful people I am so blessed to be able to call family. Can't wait until next year!!!!

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  1. What a sweet post!!! Pictures and all. I say every year that this was the Best Christmas of all!!! Meme and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family ( you and your family are such an important part ) Love you!