Friday, April 15, 2011


So many of you have asked how our Mr. Easton is doing and we are SO happy to report that his jaundice is almost completely gone. So, the bed works, people! The first night he did absolutely great. The second night, not so fact it was horrible. Easton was SO over the bed. He was used to being swaddled and clothed and in the light bed he could only wear a diaper. Poor guy. Shawn and I finally just took him out at 5 am and swaddled him and put him in bed with us. The little sweetie slept until 9! We were so thankful when we got word that his levels were down and that we could stop using the bed. I've still been nursing him like crazy to help flush out his system and it really seems to be working. He no longer looks yellow!!!

I have so many posts floating around in my head and pictures to upload but I will have to wait until I have more than just a second. :)

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  1. SO GLAD that little guy is doing better! I wish I could cuddle him! I LOVE newborn cuddles! ha!