Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Day Before Easton

It has been really strange knowing the date of our induction this time around. I've had more than enough time to worry and fret and not sleep. ;) But, I've also been really thankful because I am a big planner and I've been able to "try" to put together some sort of game plan for Monday.

Shawn and I decided that we'd take Lauren to the zoo for a little family of 3 date before Mr. Easton arrives. It was the most beautiful day and we really had a fantastic time. I tried to soak it all up and not get too emotional about it.

I was so proud of Lauren wanting to feed the animals at the petting zoo! She has usually been to scared to even go near them, but with her Daddy nearby she was fearless!

I love this picture because we were waiting for Shawn to finish using the restroom and she was SO ready to get a move on and see the rest of the animals so as soon as he came out she went running!!!

She is WAY into jumping off of things right now. 

One day before the induction....

Lauren was our tour guide. She checked the map and told us which direction we should head. I loved it!!!

Shawn helped her roll it up and store it in her pocket for easy access. :)

We had to stop for an ice cream and she chose the ice cream sandwich. She ate almost all of it too!!!

Okay, the next few pics have a VERY special place in my heart. When Shawn and I were dating we went to the zoo and I have a picture of him (just a little younger) in this exact same pose. Of course, he had to re-enact it...but the best part was.....

...Lauren got in on the action. Is this not the MOST precious picture you've ever seen?  I smile every single time I see it. :)

We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves as we get ready for our newest little love to get here. I cannot believe that tomorrow we will have two sweet darlings to love on and take on adventures in the coming years. 


  1. I LOVE Lauren posing in front of the gator! What a sweet family day you had yesterday. I'm excited to meet the one who'll make your family complete today. :-)

  2. Totally awesome, fitting for your sweet little family. Lauren with the Gator, she looks like a pro actress!!