Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear (Beginning of) Second Trimester

Dear (Beginning of) Second Trimester,

Welcome. Welcome you dear sweet thing. I feel like I've been waiting for you to arrive for a sweet forever and I am absolutely not lying when I say that you have not disappointed. You have ushered in all sorts of feeling better and I am so very thankful for that. I've felt so unlike myself for the past three months that the last weeks have been full of getting acquainted with my old self. It's been all sorts of delightful.

Because of you I am beginning to have more of an appetite. Things are actually starting to sound good to me! If you know me at all, you know how much I adore food and how happy this fact makes me. Some of the things that have been sounding good are; Caesar salads or any salad with a strong vinegar based dressing, fruit such as strawberries, grapes, and those little baby oranges, and my home made lime slush (I could seriously eat/drink one of those every single day). My papa used to make these for us kids when we were growing up during the summer time. It was such a special treat and is now a very tender memory for me.

Papa Bob's Lime Slush

3 limes cut in half and juiced (save all the yummy lime pieces that get stuck in the top of the juicer)
Simple Syrup (I make this ahead and keep in the fridge)
     ~Simple syrup is just equal parts of water and sugar dissolved into each other. I will often boil my  
       water and then add the sugar to make it dissolve faster.~

I use my blender to crush up a bunch of ice (this is a very specific recipe if you haven't noticed) and then I add the lime juice and lime pieces from the juicer and then I add a little bit of the simple syrup. Blend it all together and taste. Too sweet? Add more lime. Too sour? Add more simple syrup. Once you get it to your liking (mine is WAY too sour for Shawn) put it in a giant insulated cup and get yourself a spoon and a comfy throw (you can even grab your Snuggie...I definitely wouldn't judge you) and sit your bottom on the couch or in your husband's recliner and turn on some TV. The best way to end a long day ever. EVER.

Because of you I am unable to fit into my normal jeans anymore. My tummy has a little pooch and it is obvious to me (but not strangers) that I am definitely pregnant. I am finding that maternity jeans fit, but they are still a little big and I have to keep pulling them up. So, around the house I am usually in sweat pants or leggings. Not too fashionable, but super comfortable.

Because of you I am beginning to panic on the state of my house. Right now the baby's room is no where near being ready and I am fighting the panic of what to do with all of big sister's toys! I know we'll figure it out, but right now it seems very overwhelming. I am fighting the desire to bring more organizational tools into the house because that is just bringing and I don't know if I can handle that.

Because of you I am soaking up my moments with Lauren. I know that it will not be just the two of us for very long so I am starting to focus on making special routines and memories with my sweet firstborn. I haven't felt well in what seems like forever so I am so excited to have some energy again.

Thanks for arriving on the scene and feel free to take your time hanging around. I think we'll get along just fine!


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