Tuesday, May 04, 2010

oh what a day!

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent the morning playing with her new Melissa & Doug toys (post coming soon) and playing outside. It was absolutely gorgeous. Lauren went down for her nap around 11:30 because she woke up pretty early yesterday. She always asks for her binkie "bennie" and says "nigh, nigh". It is the sweetest thing ever. I just love it!

When Lauren went to bed, my mom came over to do my hair. I knew if she got here before Lauren's nap that Lauren wouldn't sleep because she would be too excited. It worked out really well because it took almost her whole nap period for my mom to highlight my hair. Disregard the lack of makeup! I thought I'd show you a picture of how crazy I look when mom does my hair. It was the perfect day to sit outside and wait for the color and whatever else she stuck in there to stick.

While I warmed under the sun, Lauren and my mom went to check out the peony bush in our back yard. It is stunningly beautiful and I am so glad the previous owners planted it! Right now, there are just a lot of little bulbs with ants crawling all over them! My mom said that if your peony bush has ants on it that is a good thing. They were there last year and the flowers were so beautiful so I hope that means they will be gorgeous again this year!!!

So my mom took Lauren over and let the ants crawl over her hands. Lauren thought it was absolutely hilarious!!!

They have way too much fun together!

When my sweet mother-in-law, Bev, was here last she taught Lauren how to walk up our concrete landscaping blocks in the backyard (with help, of course!) and it has been Lauren's favorite thing to do since then.

She had to try it out on Grammy!

Then, she wanted Grammy to climb them. I had to get this. Too funny!!!

After all the fun outside, I went in to wash the color out of my hair and get ready for our afternoon. My mom does such a great job with hair. I have no idea how she does it but it's so nice to have her expertise! I really appreciate the time and work it takes. Thanks, momma!!!

The finished product! I feel like a new woman. My hair was in desperate need of some help. We waited a little long between colorings!

Once we were all ready we headed out to do what girls do best - SHOP!!!

A girl could get lost in Hobby Lobby!

Of course when we got home, Lauren had to color with "calk" on her chalkboard. (Shawn drew the elephant and truck)

How precious! Thanks, mom for spending the day with us. We had a great time!!!

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