Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project Life: Wks 24 & 25

When I got my first Project Life kit it sat in its box under my bed for a year. I was dealing with so much internally that I couldn't even think about adding something to my list that I just knew I wouldn't finish.

I guess that's why, a year later, I am amazed that I've been able to stick with this PL thing for almost 7 straight months. The best part is that I still love it. This is the first time I've been caught up completely and only have the current week to work on so that's a freeing feeling as well.

Week 24:

This was a BUSY week for us. I included two inserts this week. One of extra instagram pics from our day at the lake and the other insert has pictures of us at Ryan's 4th birthday party!!!!

Week 25: This was my first week to use the new Kraft kit! I really love it, but I think the colors will work better for fall pictures. Maybe not....I like how this week looks, but I kept thinking it would go perfectly with autumn colors.

I included two inserts this week as well. The first is all about our Sunday School fellowship on Saturday night and the second is my newest cleaning routine. I just printed an extra off and put it in a sheet protector...I wrote about it on a journaling card that I just glued to the back of that page.

I LOVE having my book up to date! And I LOVE Project Life!!!!!

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  1. I really love the colors of week 24 and how they coordinate so well with your journal cards.