Friday, May 31, 2013

I HEART Project Life

You guys - Project Life is the bomb. Thank you a zillion times Miss Leslie for sharing this gem with me. I AM OBSESSED! Like crazy mad. Ah!

I haven't shared my latest weeks with y'all in a long time so I thought I would do that today. The whole process is super easy and so. much. fun. I can't even explain how much I love it. I think it's one of the reasons this little blog has gotten so little attention lately. I just love having our daily memories right there in picture form.

Wanna know what else I love about it? Sometimes I get behind (ahem okay this is usually the case) and so every few weeks I think to myself, Jen - you should work on PL. I usually get all stressed because I just can't think of anything super fun or exciting that we did. But as I start looking through my photos on my phone and Shawn's I see all this LIFE that we've been living and it just makes me so stinking happy! I absolutely love documenting our normal days because in 5, 10, 20 years from now those are the things I am going to miss and want to remember! Project Life is the perfect way for me to do that!!!

Wanna know what else I'm crazy about? Hobby Lobby has started carrying a few of the core kits and accessories. Which means, 40% off baby!!!!! This is the most affordable and exciting way to scrapbook ever. EVER.

Here is an awesome snapshot of my stellar PL set up. That's my dining room table. See it under there? :)

I instagrammed this pic one day as I was working on PL. This was before it got crazy, mad, out of control. :) If I could have one mommy wish (hint, hint Shawn) it would be to have a whole uninterrupted morning to just knock out some major documenting life. Oh and a Cinnamon DolcĂ© latte from the Starbucks wouldn't hurt the scenario at all. 

So, here are the weeks I have done....(please don't notice that I am SUPER way far behind...I'm hoping to get caught up as soon as my 101 free Shutterfly prints show up at my front door!!!!)

Week 5: (and looks like I still have some journaling to do!)

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12: (possibly one of my favorite week cards to date)

Week 13:

Easter Spread

Easton's 2nd Bday Spread:

(I printed out the blog post letter I wrote him for his bday)

Week 14:

Week 15:

And I'm super far behind but SO pumped to get all caught up! Especially since I just got the Honey and Midnight core kits and the Holiday mini kit from Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!

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